Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New on Kiva: Improved Entrepreneur Repayment Schedules

We're excited to announce the roll-out of a new display for entrepreneur repayment schedules. The new display lives towards the bottom of entrepreneur profile pages and has a few improvements over our old display:

  1. It shows Expected vs. Actual Repayments to the lenders (including when to expect these payments by)

  2. There's now a clear indication of whether a loan is Delinquent. You can hit "Show Advanced" to see whether the loan is delinquent because the entrepreneur hasn't paid yet or because the Field Partner hasn't paid yet. In other words, this is a high level explanation for why your repayment is late.

  3. You can also hit "Show Advanced" to see a breakdown of

    • when the entrepreneur is supposed to repay the Field Partner

    • when the Field Partner reports the entrepreneur actually repaid the funds

    • when the Field Partner actually sent the funds to Kiva

Example of an "On time" Entrepreneur Schedule:

Example of a "Delinquent" Entrepreneur Schedule:

*New trick*
As a bonus, we've added a notice of Delinquency into your My Portfolio>Loans page. In order to see if any of your loans are Delinquent, log in to My Portfolio>Loans, select your "Active" loans and sort by "Loan Status." Your delinquent loans (if you have any) will rise to the top. (You might need to click the sort twice on this one).