Monday, February 23, 2009

Video on Kiva borrower profiles!

Kiva's engineering team has been working on an experiment for the last few weeks to see how we can bring borrowers and lenders closer. In the past, we've seen that photographs have been one of the biggest ways for our lenders to feel connected to our borrowers.

We decided to take that a step farther by experimenting with a new medium: video! Our first video-profile loan is up on the site and hopefully you'll see a few more trickle up to the site as we experiment with this functionality. We'll also be pushing to have more video journals up on the site over the next month or so.

We wanted to keep you posted so you could be on the lookout for more Kiva videos and video-loans :) And congrats to the Kiva engineers for building what was a fairly complicated feature in record time!