Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Small Things Challenge

Today, Intel launched the Small Things Challenge, a year-long effort between Intel, and Save the Children. You can participate by visiting the Small Things Challenge website and clicking the "we’ll donate 5 cents for you" button on the Web site. Intel will donate 5 cents for every person who clicks on the button - up to $75,000 per quarter this year to be split equally between and Save the Children.

The Small Things Challenge program will appeal directly to individuals worldwide to get involved by providing micro-loans through, and to donate money to Save the Children's Rewrite the Future program, which is focused on securing quality education for the millions of children out of school due to war and armed conflict. You can provide support and find more information, including a video featuring musicians and celebrities who support the cause, here.

The company will provide up to $300,000 this year to the Small Things Challenge, in addition to the $100 million that Intel is investing in other education programs this year. Intel believes that children everywhere deserve to have the skills necessary to become the next generation of innovators.

Intel has also donated 10 notebook PCs and two Intel-powered classmate PCs that are currently being auctioned on Ebay, along with items donated by the music groups Counting Crows and Maroon 5. All auction items are autographed by the bands' lead singers, Adam Duritz and Adam Levine, respectively, and starting bids range from $25 to $900. Check it out here.

Check out the Small Things Challenge website today and start clicking away to raise money for Kiva and Save the Children. And don't forget to get your friends involved - every click counts!