Friday, January 16, 2009

Meeting Muhammad Yunus!

In November Kiva was honored to receive special recognition of our working in microfinance, by the World Affairs Council of Northern California.

At the 2008 Awards Dinner we were lucky enough to meet Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, whose work was the inspiration for creation of Kiva.

It is always an uplifting experience to meet Dr. Yunus, who is always so friendly and approachable. For many of us at the event it was the first time they had met the man who has inspired us all, and we were thankful that he agreed to take a group pic with us!

Left to right: Fiona Ramsey, Jen Hamilton, Jeremy Frazao, Sam Mankiewicz, Muhammad Yunus, Bill Draper (of the Draper Richards Foundation, supporters of Kiva), Casey Albert, Lyndsey Erickson, and Tamara Sanderson.

Thanks to the World Affairs Council for recognizing Kiva's work in microfinance, and to Dr. Yunus for being such an inspiration to us all!