Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First ever Field Partner blog on Kiva!

Last week, Grace Natoolo posted the first blog on Kiva from a Field Partner.

Grace Natoolo is the Kiva Coordinator at PEARL Microfinance, one of Kiva's Field Partners in Uganda. Pearl Microfinance has been a Kiva Field Partner for over a year. While not required, many Field Partners create a "Kiva Coordinator" position within their organization to manage the activities they need to take care of as part of their partnership with Kiva. Depending on the size of the organization, and depending on how much funding they are able to raise through Kiva in accordance with Kiva's risk management, there may be more than one Kiva Coordinator.

While Kiva Field Partners do post updates on the Kiva website about the businesses funded through Kiva, this is the first blog post that we have from a Field Partner that is a more general posting and not specifically related to an update that is required as part of the partnership. We hope to have more communications like this from Field Partners in the future, further building the connection that is a strong part of Kiva's mission.

Read the post here!

(By the way, "muzungu" means "white person" in Swahili.)