Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One opinion on an investment portfolio...

Today Kiva was copied on a Letter to the Editor, sent by a Kiva Lender:

Dear Editor:

I have two investment portfolios. One portfolio holds my investments in American industry. It has declined in value about 25% in the last two months. My other portfolio is with Kiva, a web-based organization that lets me invest directly in microloans to poor people throughout the world. My recent loans to the Cambodian pig farmer, the Azerbaijani clothing seller, the Bolivian cheese maker, the carpenters in Lebanon and Nicaragua, and a dozen others have been repaid in full. The only interest paid by Kiva borrowers is a better world. But, clearly, I'd have been better off investing all my savings in the third world poor.


Katie Pool

Thanks for sharing your perspective, Katie.