Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do you have 2 minutes to help 25,000 entrepreneurs receive a loan?

Kiva’s project "Loans That Change Lives", is currently a contestant for the Members Project Award! Please support us and help our organization win $1.5M through popular vote. Here's what you can do to help Kiva win:

1) Visit the following site:

2) Click on “Nominate this Project”

3) Choose the final option (“Sign in as guest”) and continue through the short process

4) If your nomination does not go through, click on “Recently Viewed” on the right navigation bar and nominate “Loans That Change Lives”

Every $1 donated to Kiva’s Operational Expenses has led to $8 in loans. If Kiva wins $1.5M, this would help us facilitate $12M in loans! Since the average loan size on Kiva is $475, here is a chance to help 25,000 entrepreneurs improve their lives in just a couple of clicks!

Thanks for your support!!