Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Reminders about Kiva Credit

Starting this week, Kiva will be sending out monthly reminders to all of you who have Kiva Credit sitting in your accounts. There are a few ways you can receive Kiva Credit; the most common are when a borrower fully repays her loan or someone gives you a Kiva gift certificate. Needless to say, unused Kiva Credit is money that isn't useful to anyone -- it's neither being used to lend to more entrepreneurs nor is it being used by the account holder for anything else. For more on this, see Matt's blog post at the beginning of March. Through reminding people to use their Kiva Credit, we can hopefully get to a point where this money is being put to good use.

If you're interested, some other changes you'll see on the site are in the "About" section (incidentally, we've updated our Team->Volunteers page, so there's an updated list of all of the people who help make Kiva run). We're also continuing to work on improving the site for our Field Partners to more easily post and maintain entrepreneur profiles with Kiva.