Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Bigger Picture

Ok, that title's pretty cheesy given what this post is about, but oh well. Basically, a little while ago, Jeremy (one of our engineers) found himself in the happy situation of having some Kiva Credit to spend. So, he made his way to the Kiva Lend page, ready to loan. When he got there, though, he found himself squinting at the pictures of the entrepreneurs because they're so small.

That's when his ingenuity kicked in and he decided to make the pictures a lot bigger. (Get it, "The Bigger Picture"?)

Anyway, the release with the bigger pictures should go live later this week. We think you'll appreciate the difference it makes to be able to see our entrepreneur photos so clearly. We've also spent the last couple weeks making our site architecture a lot more solid, so that our site will be more robust and scalable overall.

Another thing we've found is that a lot of loans are being repaid right about now -- so if you're one of the lucky people like Jeremy who finds themselves with a loan fully repaid and Kiva Credit ripe for the spending, be sure to put it to good use!