Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tell your friends about Kiva.org!

You've always wanted to tell your friends about Kiva.org in an easy way - and now you have it!

You can use our Refer a Friend feature to easily send your friends and family a quick email introducing them to Kiva.org:
1. Log in to your Portfolio (go to www.kiva.org and click on My Portfolio, then log in)
2. Click on Refer a Friend on the left side of the page
3. Enter the email addresses you'd like to send your email to, or if you'd like to simply input the email addresses from your address book click on "Import from address book"
4. Feel free to edit the message if you like, then click "Send invite".

So many Kiva Lenders have been sending us copies of emails they've been sending to their friends, so we thought we'd help you out and make it a little easier. Happy "Spreading the word"!!