Wednesday, March 28, 2007

$4 million!!

Thanks to everyone who yesterday forwarded Nicholas Kristof's New York Times column to their friends, family, colleagues, strangers, and told the world about! The column is still the fourth most e-mailed article in The New York Times, and has now passed the $4 million loaned mark - and we're not slowing! As you keep lending, Kiva Field Partners will keep posting new and inspiring entrepreneurs to our website to get their businesses started.

Nicholas Kristof's blog received a large number of comments yesterday in response to his column - thanks to all those who wrote in sharing their excitement and showing their support. Our favorite comment must be Louis Faber's, who offered a warning on the Kiva Addiction:
My only warning, offered fully tongue in cheek, is that it can be a habit forming activity and you may well find yourself at your computer typing the URL, scanning the borrowers waiting for loans, and before you know it you’ve made an additional investment in the world. And although they tell you that you can withdraw funds once a loan is repaid, I suspect, like my son and my wife and I you will find yourself saying (silently), not on your life, it’s their money now, where can I reinvest it. Try it, you may find it’s an addiction that is actually good for you.
We hope you become addicted too!